Best Email Sending Software, High speed email sender program effectively and without any delay

  1. Very Easy to send email.
  2. High speed email sender application.
  3. SSL and Authenticate are supported.
  4. Sends Attachment
  5. Email Sending with one cilck.

You can finally use Email Sending Software to send messages to your GMail account :)

Best Email Sender Configuration Flags

  • SMTP Server
    e.g. or

  • SMTP Prot
    e.g. 465 for GMail, yahoo mail

  • EMail From
    your EMail Address. e.g.

  • EMail To

  • EMail Username
    e.g. David

  • EMail Password
    Your EMail log in password

  • Email Attachment
    Press Browse… button to add a atttachment if needed.

  • EMail Subject

  • EMail Text Body

  • Use SSL for security on this SMTP server
    The server requires a secure connection (SSL) on Outgoing and Incoming Mail. for GMail, your should check this option.

  • SMTP server need Authentication
    Email authentication is an attempt to prove that the person in the from address is who they claim to be. It’s not a guarantee of deliverability in any way, it just ensures you are really you. For GMail or yahoo mail, you shoud check this option.

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Free Download ( for Windows 10, Win 8, Win 7, Vista, XP )

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